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Potential Reality Awards Nominee VERONICA RAYNE To Revamp Website To Focus On Reality Show Experience!

Potential Reality Awards Nominee VERONICA RAYNE To Revamp Website To Focus On Reality Show Experience!

Looking to attract broaden her audience, Reality/Porn Star Veronica Rayne sets in motion plans to revamp VeronicaRayneXXX.com!

For Immediate Release: July 14, 2009

(Hollywood, CA) Veronica Rayne (http://www.myspace.com/veronicaraynexxx%29 is certainly a nominee contender for Best Villain in the 2009 Reality Awards for her turbulent part in last winter’s FOX Reality Channel show My Bare Lady 2. The brunette vixen showed off her spicy side to the nation of viewers by trading barbs and with co-stars and turning her no-nonsense attitude up to 11. While Veronica laughs when she is referred to as a "Villain" she adds “I think it is funny. I really am not, I just speak my mind and if someone does cross the line with me, I just let them know. If not being a snake in the grass and being forward is a villain I guess I am. If I’m nominated I think of it as all in good fun. I hope I win.”

The stunning adult performer had launched her now popular website VeronicaRayneXXX.com to coincide with My Bare Lady 2’s debut, but times change and Rayne plans to re-vamp the website to showcase her Reality Show experience alongside her Sex Star lifestyle. VeronicaRayneXXX.com will go dark at the end of July with plans to be up again mid-summer. The new site will feature all new content starring Rayne and will focus on the reality of being a porn star.
“People know me from the reality show and people know me from porn,” said Rayne. “With the new site I want to bring those two groups together and show the reality of a porn star. My Bare Lady 2 was just the beginning. Wait until you see the all new VeronicaRayneXXX.com!”
With the change of focus comes a change of webmasters. Rayne intends to completely call the site her own by taking over the reins. From shooting to editing to uploading all elements of the site will be handled in-house by Rayne Entertainment.

“One thing I’m known for is being an outspoken woman who calls her own shots. When it comes to a reflection of me, my website, I need to be in control. I think it makes a more personal experience and connection with the websurfer to know what they are seeing is what I want to share with them,” said Veronica.

For those who can’t wait for the all new site to launch, Veronica is making a few special appearances over the next couple of weeks. First Rayne headlines Columbus Gold in Ohio for four nights beginning July 15th. There fans can see the sexy Rayne up close and personal as she seductively strips down on stage. An accomplished Feature Dancer, Veronica is known for enticing her audiences with her teasing and temptress ways. Columbus Gold is located 5411 Bethel Sawmill Ctr in. Columbus. More info can be found on the official website, ColumbusGold.com or by calling (614) 764-0500.

July 24th, Tampa gets hit with a wave of Rayne as Veronica makes a special in-store signing appearance at The Todd Couple’s Superstore for its 40th anniversary from 6pm-9pm. The Todd is located at 13417 North Nebraska Avenue in Tampa. Fans can pick up the latest DVDs that star Rayne and have them autographed or take pictures with the Reality/Porn Star. More info can be found on ToddCouples.com. Afterward Veronica joins Delilah Strong for her 2nd annual “Night of Seduction”! It’s one of the sexiest parties of the summer as some sultry stars of porn host an exciting night of dancing at Skye 1509. How often does one have the opportunity to spend the night hanging out with some of the hottest adult stars for a night of fun? Not often. Join the party as it takes place at 1509 8th Ave, Tampa Fl 33605 in Ybor City! More info on the “Night of Seduction” can be found on the club’s website; Skye1509.com

A new VeronicaRayneXXX.com is on the horizon, as is a possible Best Villain nomination at the 2009 Reality Awards! This summer is about to get a lot hotter for fans of Veronica Rayne!

For more Veronica Rayne, please visit VeronicaRayneXXX.com and Myspace.com/VeronicaRaynexxx

From adult films to reality TV and back again, Veronica Rayne continues her exciting and controversial career. While starring on the FOX reality shows My Bare Lady 2: Open For Business, the out spoken Rayne stole the spotlight with her vampish ways that gave the series it’s “must-watch” appeal.
Loyal to her Adult Film beginnings, Rayne returned to XXX to film a parody of Kim Kardashian’s TV Show for Hustler, Keeping It Up For The KardASSians. While the parody was hit with a lawsuit, Veronica’s performance as Kim was a hit with reviewers. Not one to take things lying down Rayne leapt into appearing in another adult movie parody that is currently grabbing headline This Ain’t Hell’s Kitchen XXX.

The glam bomb always has projects in the works, one of which that is coming to fruition is her appearance in the upcoming mainstream motion picture, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. Based on the book by Tucker Max, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell has a September 25th release date.
Veronica Rayne, one of the most exciting women in adult entertainment today!

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