Saturday, March 27, 2010

Girlfriends Films Receives Record Orders for "Pin Up Girls: Volume 3"

Girlfriends Films Receives Record Orders for "Pin Up Girls: Volume 3"
Critics & Consumers Agree: “Pin-Up Girls” Is the Must-Own Series for Fans of Vintage, Girl / Girl, Erotic Bliss!

Girlfriends Films experienced record orders for “Pin-Up Girls: Volume 3”, the latest installment of their acclaimed, vintage erotica series. Available to own on DVD, the coveted “Pin-Up Girls: Volume 3” stars Girlfriends Films’ contract girls RayVeness and Prinzzess, as well as Zoe Britton, Sara Stone, Avy Scott, Ashlyn Rae and Victoria White. “Pin-Up Girls: Volume 3” chronicles a sultry group of 1950’s girls capitalizing on the demand for risqué photos and movies similar to the work of the legendary Bettie Page. The intricate attention to aesthetic detail and authenticity, combined with the tantalizing, all-natural girl / girl sex scenes made all three volumes of the series critical and retail successes. Paul Fishbein, President of AVN Media personally reviewed “Pin-Up Girls: Volume 1”, writing, “Tons of heat…What looks to be a good series from Girlfriends is energetic and sexy with plenty of nylons, heels and a great sense of erotic fun.”

“Pin-Up Girls: Volume 3” adheres to a rigorous commitment to historical accuracy unique to the adult entertainment industry. Through vintage lingerie and realistic sets and props, viewers are transported back to an era of innocence on the cusp of social rebellion. RayVeness’ taboo business venture begins with pin-up photos, but quickly lends itself to producing steamy, lesbian stag films sold in the back of popular “girly magazines”. As the models become increasingly comfortable with each other, they enter into lascivious romances and inadvertently buck the patriarchal ideas characterizing the 1950’s. Social repercussions far from their minds, the girls are more interested in getting paid and finally experiencing the type of intense orgasm only another girl can provide.

From its inception, the “Pin-Up Girls” series was positioned to become Girlfriends Films’ best-selling line to date, outnumbering even the highly acclaimed and awarded “Women Seeking Women” series. Each volume of the series manages to out sell its predecessor, and at Volume 3, it is the fastest line to create unprecedented demand amongst a discerning customer base.

Girlfriends Films’ President Dan O’Connell says, “The ‘Pin-Up Girls’ series is by far the most ambitious project we’ve ever undertaken. At Girlfriends Films, we’ve always firmly believed in providing consumers with a more faithful depiction of lesbian sex scenes, so it was a natural progression for us to use the same attention to detail when creating a period movie series of this magnitude. Over a year was spent accumulating all the subtle details which transport viewers into the 1950’s world of lingerie, pin-up girls and hot sex.”

Adult review site declares “Pin-Up Girls: Volume 1”, “Highly Recommended!” In full agreement, Jack King of of PornNewz writes, “Girlfriends Films has ventured out to go spelunking into the caves of period films and successfully completed what other companies cower away from…The amount of time and sheer energy expenditure makes ‘Pin-Up Girls’ the largest undertaking of the best lesbian sex studio out there…Borders on mainstream entertainment with the only reminder that it’s an adult pic when you see these girls go at it to their fullest content. Known for the most realistic lesbian sex in the industry, G.F. Films sheds a glimpse into what might have happened with Lucy and Ethel when Ricardo and Fred were out to work.”

Media may view and download the cover art for “Pin-Up Girls: Volume 3” at

The “Pin-Up Girls: Volume 3” trailer is available at

About Girlfriends Films:

Girlfriends Films was created to provide realistic lesbian-sex movies for discerning viewers who demand the best. The studio’s combination of gorgeous performers, talented directors and aesthetic focus allows for Girlfriends Films to continuously produce best-selling movies appealing to both men and women. Girlfriends Films received AVN’s Best All-Girl Series award the last three years running and remains “The Most Downloaded Studio” year after year on Hot Movies. For more information, visit

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