Monday, March 1, 2010

Kayden Kross is 1st Girl to Ever Win Twisty’s Member’s Choice of The Year Award 2 Years in a Row


Kayden Kross is 1st Girl to Ever Win Twisty’s Member’s Choice of The Year Award 2 Years in a Row

February 23, 2010 --- VAN NUYS, Calif. --- Digital Playground ‘s contract star, Kayden Kross received news today that she was voted the Member’s Choice 2010 for the 2nd year in a row. “We are thrilled with Kayden winning the Member’s Choice Award. She’s an amazing talent and all of our member’s adore her. This award is well deserved.” Michael, VP of Twisty’s proudly stated. “I personally love Digital Playground and the quality brand that they have built. Signing Kayden was an incredibly smart decision.”

“I am beaming with excitement. Winning this award for the 2nd year in a row is a huge honor. Twisty’s is one of my absolute favorite sites to model for. I love the staff, the members and every experience!” exclaimed Kayden.

Kayden’s popularity continues to soar to superstar status. As the newest Digital Playground contract star she recently co-hosted the 2010 AVN Awards and was awarded Best New American Starlet at the Hot d’Or in France. Her first Digital Playground title will release in April.

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About Kayden Kross:
On January 1, 2010, Kayden Kross became an exclusive Digital Playground contract girl. Kayden Kross has remained a porn enigma within the industry--she is mysterious yet flirtatious, sexy yet reserved. Under Digital Playground, Kayden will redefine herself and her performances. The stunning blonde wants to take her career to a new level, which includes shooting harder and kinkier scenes. A 24-year-old psychology and political science major, Kayden Kross believes adult entertainment reinforces there are no social norms. When people allow themselves to experience true pleasure through a loss of control, they awaken their raw, primal nature. Kayden’s nature is submissive, a reason she is so comfortable bent over in the doggie-style position. She loves dominant men whose strength fortifies her own femininity. With a preference for men, Kayden describes women as a rich dessert, which is best when savored as the occasional treat.

About Digital Playground:
Digital Playground is the world leader in adult filmmaking and interactive formats boasting the largest HD library available. Since the Company’s inception in 1993, Digital Playground has earned over 300 awards, currently garners more than 80% of high definition sales within the adult market, and is a leading provider of Blu-ray™ titles, with over 25% of the market. Female owned and operated, Digital Playground emphasizes quality first, employing fastidiously high production values in erotic film for women, men and couples. Digital Playground’s commitment to excellence, innovative technology, brilliant full-length productions and exclusive Contract Stars are the secrets to its success and makes Digital Playground the most highly demanded supplier of content for hotel, IPTV, cable, pay-per-view and mobile networks worldwide. For more information, visit,, or

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