Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gearing Up For The Urban Spice Awards

In June I'm heading to LA to attend the Urban Spice Awards. Now a few of you are saying what's that. Well it's an award show for the ethnic talent in the porn biz, who don't seem to get much shine. Director Giana Taylor created this award show and I'm supporting it 100%.

On Myspace it seems like every porn star of color has a message saying "Vote for me Vote for me " . Well I'm gonna keep it 100 and tell you who I believe is GONNA win. ( NO this aint AVN where the fight is fixed the fans and industry vote on this)

Best Agency with Ethnic Talent: Hands down Ron Ellis' Exotic Talent Agency wins this, but will his rumored rep hurt him?

Best Anal Performer: I'm going with Jada Fire. Now you can make a case for every woman in this category but I see the fans picking Cherokee on the name alone.

Best Director - Body of Work: This category I'm torn while I love Alexander Devoe, Lee G , Diana DeVoe, and the other directors nominated I feel my bud, Kev Kash got neglected by not being nominated so I'm not sure who's winning this, but the smart money is that Alex wins.

Best Female Performer: Jada Fire NEEDS to win this. I don't care who are a fan of Jada needs this award. AVN for the past few years have robbed her. With the year or two Jada has had she's basically the queen of black porn and it's time the industry showed her love.

Best Interracial Star: I'm biased as Sara Jay worked for DC Cherry, but I believe in this category anyone can win.

Biggest Ass in Porn: Now my bud Pinky says she deserves to win this, but I got a feeling fans are gonna pick Cherokee

Hall Of Fame I'm picking Janet Jacme & Mr Marcus

Hottest BBW Star: This is the most SCREWED up category. I'm rooting for Scented Kisses as she been promoting her ass off on Myspace. The smart money is on Crystal Clear.

Now to all the fans out there I want you to e-mail the awards and show luuv to DC Cherry, who are nominated for Best Pro- Am Release and Best Pro -Am Series, but if you feel we deserve more please write in.

Look for pics and interviews from the show soon.

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