Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amile Waters Interview with Babykhris

Interview with Amile Waters by BabyKhris (April 2008)

New news since the interview, Amile Waters has been nominated for the

Khris: how long have you've been in the adult biz?

Amile: I have been in the industry for about 11 months.

Khris: What was the first video you appeared in?

Amile: Black Moon Risin' 5 by Mercernary Pictures

Khris: Have you done any print work (ie Hustler,Black Tail magazine)?

Amile: No, But I want to...(wink,wink)

Khris: Since performing what performers have you worked with?

Amile: Omigosh, various people. Mr. Marcus (I soooo love him!!), Cherokee D'Ass, Sean Micheals, and so many others to name. Jada Fire and myself did our first squirting scene together last was great!!! Stay Tuned for that!!

Khris: Now I know you're a very sexual person so what's you're favorite position?

Amile: I love being on top while my partner is licking my nipple rings!!! That's makes me squirt all over!! (Moans)

Khris: Tell us a little about life before porn? Where you from?

Amile: Well, its kinda funny actually. Growing up, I was a military brat. I was born in Mayari,Cuba...and grew up all over the world, but spent my high school and some college years in Texas. I was in the military and exotic dancing (not at the same time) before deciding to go in to the adult biz.. I served 3 years in the US Navy in Norfolk,VA. But before and after the military I was an exotic dancer.

Khris: Being that alot East Coast based studios are sprouting up do you plan to travel there in the future?

Amile: Its funny that you mention that, because I am slowly taking noticed. I will be starting my own production company out there. The East Coast is like my second home besides Texas!!!

Khris: How did you feel when you saw yourself on video for the first time?

Amile: I never watch myself on video. I am afraid I might critized myself....UGH!!, I'm very self-concious!!

Khris: I know that since you've got in tha game dozens of men have asked about how they can get in tha game what advice would you give them?

Amile: Be sure that this is what you want to do...because its permanent!! Find good and creditable representation and get that ball on the road!!

Khris: Nowadays many performers are stepping behind the camera is that a goal for you?

Amile: OOOHHH YEAH!! (Laughs), I have some nasty ideas that I haven't seen on screen yet, so I am going to bring them to life.

Khris: What performers are you dying to work with?

Amile: Even though I did a movie for his company, but I never worked with Lexington Steele...I hope that wguld happened one day...kinda turns me on thinking about it. (Laughs)

Amile: I worked for Wicked Pictures, Elegant Angel, Kick Ass, and I have done tons of work with Black Ice and other studios.

Khris: Now for people who never heard of you what videos would you recommend?

Amile: Hmmm....well..of course my first video, Black Moon Risin' 5, Real Squirters #3, Old Men Make Me Squirt, Up that Black Ass #4...and my fav My Girlfriend Squirts #7

Khris: Do you have a Myspace Page?

Amile: Yes...I do.! I control everything.

Khris: Are you on Xpeeps?

Amile: Nope...but I will sign up and let you know.

Khris: What about a website or a Yahoo Group?

Amile: My yahoo group is Amile_ltd06

Khris: For the producers out there how do they contact you?

Amile: Anyone can contact me through my fab agent Hee Kim at!!!

Khris: Lastly what do you want to say to your fanz?

Amile: I have fans?!?!? (Laughs) But seriously, "Living is an adventure and a challenge...It's not about standing still; being safe."[her favorite quote by Miles Davis] I love you all...and if I could hug you all at once, I would!!!

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