Monday, July 7, 2008

Southern Freaks Volume 3 is Out!

Title: Real Southern Freaks Volume 3
Cast: Jayla Jamez, Patty Kake, Kalyn, She-She, Big Sam, and a host of other Myspace freaks
Studio: Xplosion Video
Producer: Big Sam
Price: $19.99 usually ships in 3-5 business days
Big Sam does it again for Xplosion Video in Real Southern Freaks Volume 3. In this volume, Big Sam features Kalyn from Anniston, Alabama. Watch as Big Sam plows through this rich white slut! I bet daddy doesn't know his little girl likes it black and hard! Also check out the hot scene with Patty Kake from Horny Black Mothers #6. Watch this MILF get rammed in the ass and fucked crazy! You never know who you are gonna see on an Xplosion Video!

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