Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Axel Braun Takes A Peek Into Tera Patrick's Cleavage


(STUDIO CITY, CA) Award-winning adult film director Axel Braun has taken on every genre the world of porn has thrown at him. Now he is ready to take on what may be his biggest challenge yet; or at least his bustiest.

“Cleavage” Braun’s latest sexual epic, takes on big beautiful breasts. It does so with his usual eye for beauty and more than a bit of kink.

"It's always a challenge to come up with something original, and I always want Tera to be proud of my work, so when prepping a new Teravision project I usually look at her for inspiration" says Braun. "There are so many reasons why Tera is such a sexual icon, and her amazing breasts are certainly one of them. With "Cleavage" I wanted to explore the fantasy that triggers desire, the moment before a woman's naked body is revealed."

Tera Patrick, who knows a thing or two about big beautiful breasts, adds her own ample cleavage to the mix. She appears between scenes, adding her special brand of sexy big-boob tease. “Who doesn’t love boobs?” she states. “They are so much fun to play with and beautiful to look at. Anyone can make a big boob movie, but Axel brings so much more to a movie. This is a classy, beautiful movie with big breasts and hot sex. It is exactly what lovers of big beautiful breasts want and exactly what Teravision strives to deliver.”

"Tera must have the busiest schedule of anybody I've ever known" states Axel, a rather busy man himself, "But when I called her up asking her if she would consider doing some of the intros for "Cleavage", she made herself available with no hesitation and showed up looking as gorgeous as ever, and totally in tune with my vision."

To help bring Braun’s vision to light, he brought in such top heavy tarts such as Riley Evans, Carmella Bing, Abbey Brooks and Whitney Stevens.

Carmella spends some quality couch time with Marco Banderas who makes her breasts dance, her teeth rattle and her toes curl. Alec Knight takes Abbey up onto the roof to let her impressive rack breath while she rearranges his spinal column. Steven French has found Hooter Heaven in the arms of the naturally blessed Whitney Stevens and he has to hold on for dear life as she gives him a ride to remember.

As “Cleavage” proves, big bounces breasts look wonderful on couches, pool tables and even high atop buildings.

With such a collection of beauty and cavernous cleavage at his disposal, Braun has put together a movie that is sure to turn even non-breast lovers into full-fledged members of the mammary mafia. "Cleavage is one of the biggest pre-booked titles we have ever released. With one look at the box cover, it’s easy to see why "Cleavage" is also available on Blu-Ray disc," says Dave Peskin, National Sales Manager.

“Cleavage” will be available 7/21 from Teravision.


From the mind of adult megastar Tera Patrick comes Teravision - a top adult studio where glamour meets hardcore. Teravision produces high-end glossy vignettes and features in high-definition. Content is available in every conceivable medium from DVD, Blu-ray, Television Broadcast, Pay Per View, Internet, mobile phone downloads, video on-demand, and remains on the cutting edge of emerging formats.

Tera Patrick is the number one active star in adult and has received every important award in the adult industry. Teravision employs and retains the top directors in the industry, and is best known for constantly blurring the lines between the adult and mainstream worlds. For more information please contact Teravision, the next level in star-powered erotica

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