Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sophia Fiore’s New Verified Call Account Gives Fans Chance to Get Close & Personal

Fans Now Able to Connect Directly with the Rising Star by Phone!

Rising adult star Sophia Fiore, also known as national fitness competitor and personality Kayla Mayne, has created a Verified Call account. Verified Call gives fans a chance to interact and connect with Fiore directly by phone.

“I love all my fans and how wonderfully supportive they continue to be of my career,” says Fiore. “Thanks to Verified Call, I can connect with them one-on-one and get really personal! We can talk about fitness, sex, or anything else on their mind.”

By visiting http://vrfd.co/sophiafiore, fans will be able to dial the adult star directly and learn of her latest sexy adventures for just $5.85 per minute.

“Chatting with fans and getting to know them is one of the great perks of being in the industry, so being able to connect with them from anywhere is going to be a blast!” she said.

“Verified Call is a technology platform that enables celebrities and business professionals to be in touch with their fans and clients,” says Verified Call VP of Development Kurt Ludwigsen. “As the safest and most secure pay-to-talk telephone platform, we are always excited to hear about new users, like Sophia Fiore, who are utilizing our platform.” Verified Call employs a secure, high-tech connection during all calls.

A former fashion model turned competitive fitness model, Fiore has blended her two passions of fitness and adult entertainment by speaking out on the value of staying fit and proper nutrition in order to perform well in front of the camera.

Thanks to a beautifully toned body and broad sex appeal, Fiore’s adult career is on the fast track since her arrival last year. Her popular Web site MissSophiaFiore.com, has become the go-to destination for everything about the talented star. It offers fans a place to access her live webcam shows and chats, podcasts, blogs, behind-the-scenes footage, hot photos, and more on the adult industry side of her career.

LookGoodNakedLifestyle.com gives visitors an in-depth look at Fiore’s fitness regimen and life as a personal trainer. With all-new content in an easy-to-navigate platform, the free site offers a place to access fitness tips, meal planning and nutritional supplement reviews, motivational posts, videos, and more.

About Sophia Fiore:
Sophia Fiore is taking the adult industry by storm with her toned body and sexually aggressive appetite. The 22-year-old’s adult career is flourishing as a result of her free spirit and goofy personality, her passion for fitness, and her sexy, voluptuous body. Her exotic look derives from her Afro-Brazilian, Puerto Rican, Polynesian, and German heritage; the 5’10” Austin native, who now resides in Los Angeles, keeps busy shooting scenes, personally training herself and clients, and building her brand. Sophia’s adult fame has only been mirrored by her passion for fitness, she continues growing both of her passions into an empire of female empowerment, using each success to catapult the other to the next level. Never settling, Sophia accomplishes her goals and then sets new ones, such as becoming a DJ or radio/TV personality and finishing her degree in Nutritional Sciences. This bodybuilding beauty is living the dream as she creates an emotionally rewarding and financially lucrative career in two health niches: sex and fitness. For more information about Sophia Fiore, visit www.misssophiafiore.com or www.twitter.com/misssophiafiore. To learn fitness tips from Sophia, visit www.lookgoodnakedlifestyle.com/ or www.twitter.com/LookGoodNakedLS.

About Verified Call:
Verified Call is a platform that allows consulting professionals, from lawyers to therapists, as well as celebrities, entertainers and performers to speak to customers and fans via a secure phone connection. Verified Call is easy to set up, safe to use, completely secure, and profitable from the very first call. Each person that uses is given their own unique VerifiedCall.com URL and profile page in addition to the ability to integrate Verified Call's technology within their own websites. Verified Call is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit https://verifiedcall.com

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