Sunday, December 20, 2009

DYLAN RYDER is Starlet of the Month on GT!

DYLAN RYDER is Starlet of the Month on GT!

GTX also features an exclusive in-depth interview with Ryder

For Immediate Release: December 18th, 2009

(Hollywood, CA) As 2009 comes to an end, Adult Entertainment Superstar Dylan Ryder ( can reflect on the amazing year she had. From appearing in adult films that attained mainstream press like Hustler’s Keeping it Up for the Kard-ASS-ians to the launch of her new website,, Ryder has made some remarkable moves. With 2010 about to start, Dylan ends this year in the spotlight again. adult entertainment blog, GT XXXtreme ( has taken notice of what Dylan has been doing and is currently showcasing her as the Starlet of the Month on their website.

“I think it is really cool to be featured on GTX,” said Ryder. “The interview was fun and to be spotlighted on the site is an amazing feeling.”

“"Have you ever been hypnotized by pure beauty and intense sexuality?” asks GT XXXtreme’s Toney T. “That's what Dylan Ryder does for us! The eyes of a goddess!"

Ryder has been busy of late shooting exclusive content for website, The site features the 36DD dynamo getting hardcore for her members delight. New sex scenes are consistently posted, in addition to Ryder’s blog and other unique aspects of the website. Expect to be hearing more about this website as Dylan plans to take it to the next level. Fans who follow Ryder on popular social networking website, Twitter, can catch Dylan’s behind the scenes pictures as she posts candid shots of her shoots, giving fans a taste of what they can see after joining her site. Follow Dylan on twitter here:

Adultcon announced their top choices of 2009, the "A" List. The "A" List recognizes actresses that made the most of their business opportunities as talent in 2009 and Dylan Ryder proudly made the list! "Wow, I have been working very hard this past year, I'd like to thank Adultcon for being aware of that. I look forward to working even harder next year and plan to take part of more Adultcon events." The next Adultcon is scheduled to take place in April. More information can be found on the Adultcon website;

Dylan Ryder is coming up big time! Get to know the girl who is sure to be the break out star of 2010 on!

For more Dylan Ryder, please visit, and

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