Sunday, December 20, 2009 Nominated for Xbiz Awards Porn Star Website of the Year! Nominated for Xbiz Awards Porn Star Website of the Year!

The official website of Courtney Cummz nabs a 2010 Xbiz Award nomination!

For Immediate Release: December 18th, 2009

(Hollywood, CA) Courtney Cummz ( continues to have an amazing career in adult entertainment. On screen and as a director, Courtney excels at bringing the best in erotica to viewers. While her DVDs continue to rock the sales charts, Courtney also continues to bring that erotic vision to her popular website, features exclusive sex videos, images, blogs and more! It’s an exciting website that virtually lets the websurfer get up close and personal with the prolific pornstar. This week it was announced that the website has been nominated for a 2010 Xbiz Award. is in the running to win a Porn Star Website of the Year award. A testament to the site’s constant strive for excellence.

“I am very proud of my site and am very thankful to Xbiz for the nomination,” said Courtney. “I’m involved with virtually every aspect of the site and continually strive to improve on it. I want people to have a fun, erotic experience when on To be nominated lets me know we are succeeding.”

The Xbiz Awards honor the best in adult entertainment, those that, according to their website, “play an essential role in the growth and popularity of adult entertainment around the globe.” The 2010 Xbiz Awards take place at the Avalon club in Hollywood on February 10th, 2009. More info can be found on the award show’s official website, is part of the family of sites.

Courtney Cummz is branching out in all directions as she makes her mark on adult entertainment. Visit and see why this site has been nominated for Porn Star Website of the Year!

For more Courtney Cummz, please visit, and,

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