Friday, September 18, 2009

Destiy Day: Interview

BabyKhris: When did you start making films in the adult movie industry?

Destiny Day: To answer your first question Khris, I actually started when I was
21 and was in it for about 6 months. I stopped and recently came back into the
adult film industry in April of 2007.

The first video that I appeared in to my knowledge is Chocolate Creampie #12.

BK: Have you done any print work?

I have never done any print work.

BK: Who have you worked with so far in the industry?

I have worked with a gentleman by the name of ACE, Paul, Dick Taylor, Brandon
Iron, Aurora, Candace, Angel...I know that I am leaving out a few, my apologies
ahead of time just can't recall others.

BK: What positions turn you on when making movies?

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