Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chantell Merino Available for Bookings

Chantell Merino

Chantell Merino is one of the newest & hottest talents in interracial films. This curvy Italian beauty has a sultry look and seductive personality. A former Las Vegas dancer, she already has experience entertaining crowds at adult venues, including Hustler’s in Hollywood. Being a beautiful Caucasian film star with a voluptuous butt has helped make her an in demand talent on the interracial films scene. As she does on film, Chantell brings an erotic charge to viewers that will leave them wanting more. She makes a great booking for your venue/event.

List of Films:

  • Take It Black 7
  • Chocolate Lovin Cock Suckers
  • Stroke, Suck and Tease 4
  • Interracial Cum Junkies
  • Fresh Out Of The Box 10

For additional infrmation contact Voluptuous Entertainment’s Adult Entertainment Division,

Press Releases, Movie Releases, Announcements & Appearances send to:


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